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IBEW Local 415 - Cheyenne, WY


Fourth Quarter 2002


October 24, 2002
PO Box 5958
810 Fremont Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming   82001



Class "A" Member Delinquent Dues

In accordance with the "E" Board policy to publish the 3rd Quarter 2002 delinquent dues paying members name, the following is the listing of their individual names:

Jesse Boone, Bob Bailey, Brian Baskin, Jake Cirbo, Howard McIntyre, Brian Marincic, and Charles Porter. In addition to the dues the I.O. has accessed a $30.00 reinstatement fee.

The following is the listing of the 4th Quarter delinquent dues paying members names:

Gary Adams, Kent Ammerman, Bob Bailey, Allen Barelle, Brian Baskin, Doug Bates, Lawrence Bock, Brian Boller, Jesse Boone, Matt Bush, Jake Cirbo, Quinton Ferris, Raymond Fietek, Clinton Fuqua, Terry Gillaspie, Kevin Gose, Raymond Harris, Ronald Harris, Travis Heimsoth, Eric Heinrich, Phillip Ketron, John Kuster, Donald McDonald, Brian Marincic, Moses Martinez, Luke Massengill, Charles Porter, Harley Speed, Calvin Thorne, Lori Valdez, and Glen Wagner.

If payment is not received by the 31st of December, the I.O. will access a $30.00 reinstatement fee.

If you have a hard time remembering to pay your dues on time, contact the office for an automatic payment of your dues option.


Due to the Holiday Schedules, the Executive Board meeting dates have been changed to November 26 & December 18 at 6:30 P.M. in Cheyenne.

The regular January 2003 body meeting has been changed to January 8, 2003 at 5:30 P.M. due to the New Years Holiday.

Inside Agreement Update

The International Office has approved the inside agreement. Copies are available in the Hall to pick up.

Effective September 2, 2002, the wage scale increased $.60/hour for the journeyman wiremen.

Fiscal Year 2001

Financial Forms

In accordance with Federal Law, you have the right to schedule an appointment with Chris Conine, LU 415 office manager, to view a copy of either the U.S. Department of Labor LM2 and or the Internal Revenue Service 990 Form that were submitted for the fiscal year ending 6/30/02.

Local 415 Picnic/Golf Tournament Update

The picnic was be held on Saturday August 24, 2002 at Clear Creek Park. Picnic Chairman Jared Foy and his helpers did an excellent job.

This years golf tournament was held the night before the picnic, starting at 5:30 P.M.. 9 holes were played in the daylight and 9 holes were played in night time golf. There were 10 teams competing in this years event. This years winners were Ryan Hixson, Nikki Hixson, Jed Kaylander, and Travis Ferrari. A special thank you goes to T. Chris McBride for helping Chris Conine prepare this years tournament.

Message from Business Mgr. Jim Morrow

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Its hard to believe but November will soon be here. This has been a pretty good year for our contractors and most of our members have been employed. The work picture for the next several months is at least questionable with some jobs slowing down or finishing up.

The Phantom Powerhouse (Two Elks) is on hold again, but could be on track again in a few months, (yeah-right).

There has been a steady stream of travelers stopping by the hall to sign our Book II. Most of the country is slow at this time with very few places putting people to work. A-lot of the guys I talk to say there is a lot of work pending in their areas, and that next year looks a little brighter.

Here at home we have had complaints from some of our contractors about the quality of our work, members taking long breaks and lunches, jobs taking too long to complete and call backs. After talking to individuals involved in these jobs, I hear about lack of tools and equipment, no material, poorly run job sites, etc.. I really do see both sides of the problem and any blame cannot be put completely on one side or the other. We are open for suggestions.

One thing that is being discussed with NECA and the IO are some Industry Awareness classes. I'll keep you all informed.

Our permanent parade float chairman (PPFC) Jeremy Hewey is once again asking for toys and especially help on the float again this year. Any one interested call Jeremy or the Hall. Thanks again Jeremy.

I hope to see you all at the next meeting.


Recent Surgeries/Illnesses

Frank Carter and Richard Vosler have had recent surgeries. Both are recovering at their homes and are getting better daily.

Roger Bell has been in the hospital.


Congratulations to Robert and Jennifer Lundberg on the recent birth of their son Nathan John Lundberg on September 14, 2002. Nathan weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 3/4" long.



Condolences are given to Frank, John, and Frankie Brazzale in the recent loss of their mother and grandmother.

Condolences are given to Roger Bell on the recent loss of a granddaughter.

Condolences are given to I.O. Rep. Guy Runco on the loss of his father.

Mel McVays' mother recently celebrated her 92nd birthday in Cheyenne.


Congratulations to Shane and Hillary Hardy who were married on September 7, 2002.

Glen Gould's daughter Jennifer Marie Gould recently married Anthony Oakes.

New Members:

Class A:

James A. Waldron, Quinton R. Ferris, Steven B. Brasher, Cory J. O'Bryan, Jared L. Call, Steven J. Yount, Tod J. Johnson, Dan D. Honick, Ted C. Coleman, Steven M. Hansen, Kurt M. Bratberg, Travis E. Heimsoth, William Kirk Panke, Toy T. Schofield, Jeremiah D. Robinson, and Jason Owens.

Class BA:

Leslie G. Foster (VA Hospital)

Welcome each of you into Local 415's membership.


The hall has an automatic answering machine that will pick up the calls after 4 rings. This means that if all of the hall's lines are busy, the answering machine will pick up. In addition to this feature, an after hours recording is available to see what calls the hall is trying to fill.


2002 NEC Code Book

The Hall received it's order of 2002 soft cover and loose leaf code books. The price for the soft cover code book is $30.00 and for the spiral bound code book is $34.00. There are no loose leaf code books on stock at the hall. Normal mailing the code books will be an additional $4.00. If the code books are over nighted or Federal Expressed, etc. the actual cost of shipment will be charged.

Message from JATC Director Rocky Anderson

All apprentices at the time of this writing are employed. The contractors have been very cooperative in notifying the JATC office of pending layoffs. This allows time to find other employment for the apprentice and is very much appreciated.

The new policies adopted by the State Committee have been given to all apprentices and have been in effect since September 1, 2002. One benefit of the new policies is the ability for apprentices to turn in a work report for wage increases only. Many times in the past, an apprentice was close to the hours needed for a wage increase at the end of a month and had to wait until the next work report was turned in to get their increase. Now they are allowed to turn in a report mid-month for the express purpose of receiving their increase. They must still turn in their normal report at the end of the month.

Shane Hardy was elected as the apprentice representative for the Cheyenne classes at the first night of classes. Chris Conine visited with the first year class and explained their benefit package to them. I appreciate the effort put forth by Chris.

The numbers were too low in Gillette to have a class there this year. The Gillette apprentices are attending class in Sheridan on the weekends. We also have one Cheyenne apprentice attending class in Casper and one in Jackson. Their work situations do not allow them to attend evening classes in Cheyenne. Hopefully they will be able to return to Cheyenne classes in the near future.

The membership of each L.U. in the state agreed that they would like to try local area Completion Ceremonies. The hope is that it will encourage more participation from J.W.'s and Contractors in the local area that were involved in training the apprentices. Each area is to decide what kind of ceremony they want to provide for their apprentices and the State Committee budgeted some money to help with expenses.

The J.A.T.C. is in the process of trying to get the State Electrical Board to allow an accelerated curriculum for apprentices that have many OJT hours but were never afforded the opportunity to have classroom training. it all works out we hope to offer the class early next year. It is not an easy course. It contains parts of all years of the JATC curriculum. This could be a great opportunity for any Journeyman that would like to upgrade their skills. If any Journeymen have an interest in taking this course they can contact the JATC for more information.


Historical: Judy Sargant

Door Prizes: Bob & Barbara Vining

This is going to be a great event and lots of help is needed. Anybody who is interested in being on a committee is more than welcome. The younger members are especially encouraged to take part as this will be a memorable time in Local 415's history. Of course all of you more experienced members are welcome and expected to help also. The next scheduled meeting of the committee is Tuesday November 5, 2002 at 6:00 P.M. Anyone interested in helping please call Frank Morrow at 632-2810 or the Hall at 632-5944 or come to the meeting.

100 Anniversary Update

On June 12, 2003, Local Union 415 will be 100 years old. The Body appointed Frank Morrow as chairman for this committee to plan the activities.

The 1st meeting of the 100th anniversary committee of Local 415 was held on October 22, 2002. Members present were Frank Morrow Chairman, John & Sandra Occhipinti, Bob & Barbara Vining and Jim Morrow. Lloyd Osborn, Jerry Mann, Bob & Betty Mayhew were unable to attend.

The Day of the Event is September 13, 2003 at Little America.

These subcommittees were discussed and found to be needed in order to have a successful event.

Invitation & Program: John & Sondra



Organizer in Gillette

Starting on September 6, 2002, Dawnna Fitzmorris-Burch started as an organizer for Local 415 based in the Gillette area.

LU 415 Job Referral Policy Change

A proposal is being discussed to do away with the ding system on the current job referral policy. You can voice your concerns of this proposed change at the November 6th regular body meeting.

New Signatory Contractor

Longs Building Technologies of Wyoming has become a signatory electrical contractor largely through the help of one of it's own union plumber/fitter employee, Pete Samuelson. We welcome Longs to our association and the opportunity to provide them workers.

8th District Health & Welfare Update

Contrary to what some journeyman wireman are telling their apprentices, the 8th District Electrical Health insurance is still in effect. There still is the health insurance coverage for prescription drugs, hospital insurance, doctor offices visits, surgery costs, maternity costs, services through the employee assistance program, and life insurance coverage for the employee and dependents. This insurance program is self-funded and the trustees authorized the changes to keep the insurance program operating. Even though members complain about those changes, if you could get the remaining type of coverages, with the deductible of $200 per person and maximum of $600 per family, as a private individual the cost would be almost $1,000 per month for a married couple with children instead of the current price of about $600.00. The board of trustees are looking at proposals to lower the operating cost and bringing back some of the deleted health benefits.


The Stocker Scholarship committee will be reviewing all scholarship applications at their meeting to be held in January 2003.


The JATC's last class for the year will be held on November 2, 2002 at Local 415. The next class will be held in 2003. The only way a person could get the 16 hours now is to do a correspondence course at a cost of $80.00. For more information contact the hall or the JATC.


If you are interested in heading up this years children's Christmas party, please contact the Hall. If no one responds, there will not be a Christmas party this year.

If you are interested in special ordering a jacket please stop by the hall and look at the catalog.

Remember it is your responsibility as a citizen of our country to vote on November 5, 2002 for our countries leaders at the local, state and federal level.


Thanksgiving: Closed Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 12:00 P.M. through December 1, 2002. Reopen Monday, December 2 at 8:00 A.M..

Christmas: Closed Wednesday, December 24, 2002 at 12:00 P.M. through December 29, 2002. Reopen Monday, December 30 at 8:00 A.M..

New Years: Closed Wednesday, December 31, 2002 at 12:00 P.M. through January 5, 2003. Reopen Monday, January 6, 2003 at 8:00 A.M..


Organizing is every member's responsibility, both A & BA members alike.

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.